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Bringing Utah County, UT Spring Dead Patch Back to Life

The Rising Grass

Once the snow melts in Utah County, UT, the temperatures start to rise and the plants begin to bloom, you know spring has sprung! You may also find that your lawn has not weathered winter’s harsh conditions as well as you had hoped.

The “dead” patches you see in your lawn can be the result of several things including inefficient fall clean-up efforts, an overabundance of moisture and possibly disease such as powdery mildew.

For example, leaves left on the lawn over the winter block valuable oxygen and sunlight from your lawn, and can lead to thatch build up and cause “dead” patches in your lawn. They also can trap moisture in the lawn and too much moisture can lead to disease.

Powdery mildew is a disease that survives in infected plants or plant debris during the winter and is most severe during the spring. It is a damaging disease to lawns that receive low light intensity, have poor air circulation and are heavily shaded. We recommend you consult your local Weed Man professional for a free inspection to determine if powdery mildew is present.

What can you to make the job of repairing your lawn a little easier in the spring? However, if you do have to repair your lawn in the spring, here are some helpful tips to remember:
  • Thoroughly rake and remove the dead grass and thatch from the damaged areas.
  • Level damaged areas (if necessary) with fresh topsoil.
  • Thoroughly rake the damaged area and mix new grass seed thoroughly with the fresh topsoil; add some fertilizer to give it a boost.
  • Water the newly planted seed on a regular basis.
  • Eliminate areas of excessive water build up.
  • Prune trees and shrubs hanging over your lawn to allow sunlight.
If the damage is severe, contact your Weed Man Utah County, UT professional to design a repair program that will get your lawn back in tip-top shape by summer.
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