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Kid Friendly Yards

Invest in a Soft, Lush Lawn this Season!

Remember the days when you used to spend hours upon hours outdoors, with nothing but your imagination and a few of your neighborhood friends to entertain you? With spring and summer nearly upon us, it’s almost time for kids to head outside and let their imaginations run free.   
You already know that when it comes to your home lawn, nothing beats the feel of soft, green grass underfoot.  Investing a bit of time and effort this lawn care season will pay off when your kids opt to turn off the TV and head outside for a game or two on a warm, sunny afternoon.  
Here are a few simple tips from Weed Man Utah County, UT to help you optimize your lawn for outdoor play.

1. Soften Up

Diving for a football on a rock hard lawn isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.  Unfortunately, lawns often harden over time, especially if there is heavy foot (or play!) traffic.  If walking barefoot across your lawn causes you discomfort, it may be time to invest in core aeration. Aeration is an affordable, effective service that loosens compacted soil, allowing water and nutrients to better penetrate the plant’s root system.  The result?  Softer, thicker grass and a safer space for your kids to play.  

2. Create Open Spaces

Small, crowded spaces limit what kids can do outside, while wide open yards provide them with the freedom to get moving. Simply shifting around patio furniture and planters can open up even the smallest of yards. If you have unused items scattered throughout your outdoor space, such as an old swingset or ancient barbecue, consider donating them or simply throwing them away. Not only will de- make you feel better, it will also create an improved play surface for your kids!   

3. Design a Play Area

If you’re an avid lawn or garden lover and aren’t thrilled about the idea of letting your kids have free reign over your yard, create a designated play area.  Consider setting up a sandbox, badminton net, tetherball pole, or other piece of equipment on a safe part of your home lawn. Note: as an extra precautionary measure, place small fences around your favorite flowers to stave off the odd stray soccer ball.   
4. Keep Pests Away

Nothing can ruin a day spent outside quite like an itchy bite from an unexpected visitor. If you notice a sudden increase in the number of pests on your lawn, contact your local Weed Man professional.  Weed Man Utah County, UT’s technicians have been trained to handle pests quickly and safely, ensuring that your lawn remains in tip top shape.

5. Don’t Forget to Mow and Water

Even with the help of Weed Man Utah County, UT, your lawn can only look and feel its best when watered and mowed regularly.  These practices will ensure that your lawn stays healthy and free of damaging turf diseases. Have your kids help you water the lawn by planning a fun, water-based activity.  

By taking just a few, inexpensive measures this spring, you’ll be creating a soft, safe outdoor haven for the ones who matter the most. Contact your local Weed Man for more tips on how to create a barefoot-worthy lawn this season.  
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