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Celebrating in Style - Winter Curb Appeal

Decorating Your Utah County, UT Home for Winter

Maintaining curb appeal during the winter can be much harder task than in other seasons. As temperatures drop, the leaves fall off your trees and your colorful flowers start to wilt, creating a starker landscape than the one you enjoy throughout the warmer months. Here are a few winter curb appeal ideas from Weed Man Lawn Care to help keep your home looking lively and festive for the winter season.

Decorative Evergreen Planters

During the winter season, you will need to adapt your greenery. Find plants that can survive the harsh winter conditions and that will help give your property a fresh, lively look. These planters make a terrific addition to your front steps or porch and can help replace some of the color that might be lost in your garden over the winter.
Evergreen Planters

Repaint Your Front Door and Exterior

During the winter, bright colors can be hard to come by. Consider repainting the exterior of your home to make it pop. Choosing festive holiday colors (such as red!) will help your home make a bold statement, allowing you to maintain your curb appeal throughout the winter season.
Repainting Interior and Exterior Doors

Hang a Wreath and Decorative Greenery

Wreaths make it easy to dress up the front of your home. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make one yourself. Top it off with trim greenery around your door, rooflines, and lighting.
Winter Wreath and Greenery

Light up Your Entrance

During the winter holiday season, many homeowners choose to put up twinkle lights. This classic winter touch will give your home a festive feel while boosting your curb appeal and illuminating your home and landscape.
Light Up Your Entrance

Winter Lanterns

Outdoor lighting can greatly contribute to your curb appeal. Small changes can often make a big impact when it comes to décor! Consider installing new lanterns or potlights at your front entrance for an updated, modern look that will wow your guests.
Winter Lanterns
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