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Weed Man Applications & Customer Communication

Our Process

At Weed Man, we truly believe that open and honest communication is one of the most important aspects of a successful lawn care program. That’s why we always let our customers know when we have serviced their lawns, complete with detailed notes regarding the applications performed and any necessary follow up instructions. If you’re wondering what, exactly, to be on the lookout for, here are a few telltale signs of our regular visits:

Application Invoice

Weed Man will provide you with an invoice after each application – either left at your door or sent to you electronically. Our invoices clearly state the application that was performed (e.g. weed control, fertilizer, insect control), any service or follow up notes, and any balances owing.

Lawn Signs

If you see one of our branded signs on your lawn, then you’ll know that we recently visited your home to perform an application.

Your Weed Man Technician

Every so often, you may run in to your Weed Man technician at your property, where he or she is likely performing a service or examining your lawn for any signs of damage, weed regrowth, or infection. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or point out any areas of the lawn that are troubling you. Our team is here to help!

Request a Pre-Notification

If you’d like to be notified prior to each visit, let us know by calling us at (801) 400-1400. Depending on your communication preferences, we can call, email, or text you a day before your upcoming application to help you plan accordingly.
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