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Don't Forget to Water

Water Your Lawn When It Needs It

As temperatures continue warming up and spring rainfall begins tapering off, Weed Man starts to see those off-green hues showing up uninvited on local lawns. The main reason? Not enough water.

As spring becomes more firmly established, rainfall levels typically decrease or come to a standstill. As a result, homeowners are left with the increasingly difficult task of providing supplemental irrigation. But between work, seasonal activities, and the long list of outdoor chores, regular watering isn’t always realistic – meaning the fresh, green grass typical at this time of year can quickly turn into dry, crunchy turf.  

To help you make the most of your watering sessions, Weed Man has put together a list of quick tips. Follow the “best practices” guide below and enjoy a greener, healthier lawn this season:  

1. Water at the Right Time. 

Water your lawn in the early morning while the air is still cool. Afternoon watering causes water to evaporate too quickly, while evening watering results in standing water that can lead to disease problems. 

2. Water Deeply & Infrequently. 

Deliver water deeply and infrequently to encourage a healthy root system. This can be accomplished by watering an area of the lawn for 45 minutes to an hour using your sprinkler system. A deep, even soak should create enough of a moisture reserve in the soil that you will not have to water the lawn again for several days.  

3. Monitor Weather & Temperatures.  

Lawns generally require about 1-1.5 inches of water per week to thrive. Pay attention to factors such as temperature, sunlight and natural rainfall patterns in your area. Warmer, drier weather may demand more frequent watering, while an influx of rain may require you to scale back your watering practices accordingly.

4. Be Water Smart. 

Position your sprinkler so that water reaches as much turf as possible. This will help curtail wasteful watering. 

5. Watch for Symptoms of Drought. 

Pay close attention to any changes in your lawn’s appearance. When your grass needs water, it will take on a bluish-gray tint. Footprints will also make a more visible mark on the lawn. When this occurs, water immediately regardless of the time of day.
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