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Getting Your Garden Ready for the Season

April Showers Bring May Flowers in Utah County, UT

Garden lovers everywhere are chomping at the bit to get outside and start planting their gardens. There’s no better feeling than sitting in your yard enjoying the beautiful, flowery landscape that you created. Before you get planting, use this to-do list to get you and your flower beds ready for the season ahead!

Prep & Organize Your Tools

  • Sharpen and oil your pruning equipment

  • Organize your shed and/or greenhouse

  • Repair or replace any broken or damaged tools

Make Your Own Compost

  • Get a backyard compost bin

  • Compost food scraps, grass clippings and other green waste to use for nutrient-rich fertilizer

Create a Garden Layout & Select Plants

  • Choose areas with the right amount of sun exposure

  • Prune nearby trees and shrubs to increase sun exposure, if needed

  • Install sprinkler heads to keep your garden hydrated

  • Organize garden beds to fit your yard

  • Select the best plants based on the environment they’ll live in

Prepare Your Garden Beds

  • Remove any weeds, dead plants or debris

  • Fill the beds with your compost and other organic material to enhance soil nutrients

  • Rake the garden bed to remove any debris including branches, rocks or leaves

  • Edge the garden to give it a clean, crisp finish

  • Apply a thick layer of mulch after the beds have been planted

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