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The Color of Your Utah County, UT Grass

What Each Shade of Green Means

The color of a lawn depends on a number of factors and colors will vary from one yard to the next. To better understand what each shade of green means, Weed Man Utah County, UT has narrowed down the most common colors seen in turfgrass.
Lighter-Than-Normal Green
A light green Utah County, UT lawn could mean many things; and revitalizing it to bring it back to its healthy state could either require one small change or a lot of work and time. But, at the end of the day, light green and yellowish colored grass usually indicates a problem. That problem could be anything from lack of nitrogen (insufficient fertilization), poor soil conditions (sandy soils tend to lose nutrients quicker than clay-loam soils; and therefore, won’t stay dark green as long), heavy thatch build-up or it could simply be due to the turf type.
A White-ish Colored Lawn
If your lawn is looking rather white, it is probably due to the sharpness of your mower blade. Dull blades are not recommended as they will rip the leaf blade, leaving them fragile and light in color.
Smokey Grey and Blue
Alternatively, if your Utah County, UT turf has a grey/blue tint to it, it could be preparing itself to go dormant. With the high temperatures we have been experiencing across the country, this problem is not an uncommon one. Drought stress, if serious enough, can leave your lawn rather blue (pun intended).
Patchy Grass
Discoloration of any kind can simply be due to improper mowing and/or watering, less food production or shallow rooting systems. If your lawn is patchy and shows spots of discoloration, it may also be disease-related. Leaf spot and dollar spot, for example, can leave your lawn looking yellow-ish in certain areas of the yard.
Oh-So Natural: Grassy Green
If your lawn is a rich green color, you’re doing something right! Lush green grass reflects a more established root system. If you’re able to maintain this beautiful green hue, you’re likely mowing at the right height, watering it just enough and giving it all the TLC is needs to thrive. Great work!
Helpful Watering Tips
Helpful Mowing Tips

If you have concerns about the color of your lawn, contact Weed Man Utah County, UT today at (801) 400-1400 for a complimentary lawn analysis.
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