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How to Tell Your Neighbors They Need Lawn Care

Ask Weed Man

Q: I get my lawn professionally serviced by Weed Man, but my neighbors take a do-it-yourself approach. How do I tell them they need more advanced lawn care without sounding rude?

A: A green, healthy lawn can enhance curb appeal and make your lawn stand out from the crowd. However, all it takes is one dull, unmaintained lawn to the left or right of your property to take your pride of ownership down a notch. Many homeowners feel that they can achieve the same results as a professional lawn care company by using off-the-shelf products, but this is simply not the case. At Weed Man, we can’t help but compare our lawns to do-it-yourself projects, and the difference in color, thickness, and overall healthiness is substantial.

One of the easiest ways to talk to your neighbor about his or her lawn care regimen is to bring up the benefits of professional care in a casual conversation. Our service is relatively low cost and takes all of the guess work out of the process (e.g. How much fertilizer should I apply? When should I apply it? Does my lawn have a weed or insect infestation?). If you’re still feeling unsure, ask your lawn care technician to leave some pertinent information behind with your neighbor. You can also call into our office and let us know about any of your friends or neighbors who would benefit from our great services.

Last but not least, keep up the amazing work. Your continuous partnership with Weed Man and dedication to maintaining your cultural care practices will surely make others take notice. It’s hard to ignore the best-looking lawn on the block!
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