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Pre-Season Lawn Care Prep

The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for a Great Lawn!

With spring arriving soon, it’s time to start gearing up for the long-awaited lawn care season! The best way to ensure your success is by getting organized, preparing your supplies and putting together a plan. Use this list to check off everything you need before heading into the season.

1) Tune Up Your Lawn Mower

Before the season starts, you’ll want to your lawn mower is in tip-top shape to ensure your lawn receives a crisp, healthy cut every mow. Before your first cut, you should sharpen the blade, change the oil, replace the air filter and spark plug, and clean the mower deck. Keeping up with mower maintenance will extend the life of your mower and help improve its performance!

2) Test Your Irrigation System

Whether you have installed an irrigation system or simply use your backyard hose, make sure your outdoor tap and sprinkler heads are working. It is common for irrigation systems to get damaged over the winter, so a quick check is recommended. Repairing any damaged or leaking sprinkler heads prior to the start of a new lawn care season will help your lawn remain hydrated and healthy all season long.

3) Organize Your Shed

Take all your lawn and garden tools and accessories out from storage and make them accessible and easy to find. You may want to consider putting in some new shelving units to keep things clean and organized. You should also take an inventory of your supplies and replenish anything you might be missing.

4) Assess the Condition of Your Lawn

After the winter season, it is common for homeowners to notice some damage to their turf. Assess your lawn and keep an eye out for any sign of disease, insect problems, soil compaction, brown spots, thinning turf etc. Once your assessment is complete you will be able to make a plan and tackle any issues that arise.

5) Rake and Remove Debris

Before starting your spring lawn care regimen, you should remove any leftover winter debris. Gently raking your spring lawn will help remove any sticks, leaves and dead grass that may be remaining from the fall. Spring raking will also help reduce the layer of thatch in your lawn, ensuring that it can breathe and better absorb water, fertilizer and other vital nutrients.


6) Sign up for a Lawn Care Program with Weed Man Lawn Care Utah County, UT

If you feel prepared with handling the tasks of watering and mowing your lawn, but would prefer to leave fertilizing, weed control, insect control and disease management to a professional, give your local Weed Man a call! We have over 50 years of experience and are dedicated to ensuring that your lawn is lush, green and weed-free all season long!

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