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Raking vs. Mulching Leaves

What is the Real Difference?

When fall rolls around, a seasonal debate often ensues…should I rake my leaves, or should I mulch them? Is it that big of a deal if I just let the leaves sit on my lawn over winter? Well worry not, Weed Man Utah County, UT here to answer this age-old question!

Raking vs. Mulching Leaves

Removing fallen leaves from your lawn is extremely important for the health of your lawn. Homeowners are not advised to let leaves sit over the winter, as they can suffocate your turf and make it difficult for oxygen and sunlight to reach the grass roots. If left on the lawn, dead leaves can also contribute to the spread of lawn disease in your yard.

So now that you have decided to remove the leaves, the question becomes how? In the fall you often see homeowners in their yards raking leaves into piles and then bagging them before leaving them at the side of the road to be collected by the city. What if we told you that you could save time, energy and your back from raking while helping to feed your soil? Sound good? We agree! Mulching your leaves is a great alternative to raking and has many benefits.

Benefits of Mulching:

  • Saves space in landfills
  • Mulched particles break down and return nutrients to the soil
  • Suppresses the growth of weeds and undesirable grasses
  • Saves time & effort
In the end it is not wrong to rake your leaves; in fact, it is recommend if you have very heavy leaf coverage. In situations where the layer of leaves is very dense, lawn mowers may not have the power or ability to mulch the leaves into small, manageable pieces. That being said, if your leaf coverage is moderate, you should be able to opt for mulching instead of raking this season. Hooray!
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