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Save on Lawn Care. Refer a Friend!

Keeping Your Grass and Wallet Full of Green

With the holiday season coming to an end, your wallet might be feeling a little bit light. Despite setting a budget every year, December is always an expensive month. It’s no surprise that 52% of Americans make it their new year’s resolution to save more money. Well, here is your chance! If you want to cut back on your costs but you aren’t really to give up the luxury of having a lawn care service, then consider referring a friend! With Weed Man Utah County, UT’s referral rewards program, our customers can earn significant savings on lawn care. Many of our customers have even received their programs completely free!

How Does Weed Man’s Referral Program Work?

  1. Tell your friends about Weed Man Lawn Care and give them our contact information OR click HERE and go to the refer-a-friend tab to fill out the two-line form.
  2. If your friend calls us, mentions your name, and books a lawn care program, you will earn referral savings. If we call your friend directly and he or she schedules a lawn care program with us, the same referral savings apply!
  3. When the program is booked, we will credit your account!
There is no limit to the number of people that you can refer, meaning you can pay for your entire program through referral discounts. The only the only thing better than good lawn care is free lawn care!

Here at Weed Man, referrals help us grow our business. If you’re happy with our service, we would really appreciate your recommendation and we hope you enjoy the rewards!
Brought to you by Weed Man Lawn Care Utah County, UT: we care for your lawn.