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Spring Lawn Care Musts

You’re Ready…But Is Your Lawn?

Warmer temperatures have arrived in Utah County, UT. It has been a difficult winter in most parts of the country, and yet the first few signs of a new season are often enough to squash those winter blues and get everyone excited for what’s ahead.  

As the weather improves and temperatures continue to rise, you’ll soon start feeling the itch to get outside and enjoy your outdoor space. You may be ready to trade in the couch for a soft patch of turf, but is your lawn? In all likelihood, your grass is going to need some major TLC to help it bounce back after months of snow and other seasonal stressors.

If you’re ready to put your best foot forward and start spring off on a high note, then simply follow these helpful tips from Weed Man Lawn Care:

Rake Dead Spots

After the winter it is common for home lawns to have some dead or damaged grass. Once your soil is dry, give your lawn a gentle rake to loosen any dead grass, reduce thatch and remove any debris that built up over the winter.

Test Your Soil

You should test your soil every few years to ensure it has the required nutrients and pH balance required for healthy plant growth. If your lawn’s pH balance is off, you may want to consider doing a liming application.


Your lawn requires nutrients for healthy, active growth. Proper fertilization in early spring will give your lawn the energy it needs to come in thick and green this year. Weed Man’s exclusive granular, slow-release fertilizer is recommended by golf course superintendents over our competitors’ fertilizer products and lasts 120 days in the soil.

Control Weeds

While it is inevitable that your spring lawn will experience some weed growth, using weed control applications to keep pesky weeds at bay will keep your lawn lush, green and healthy. Contact your local Weed Man for more information about our weed control programs.

Top Dress & Overseed

Over the winter, snow, ice and cool temperatures can often cause plant death resulting in a thinner and weaker lawn. A weakened lawn is more susceptible to weed breakthrough, disease and insect infestation throughout the season. The best defense against weeds is a thick, lush and healthy lawn, which is why spring overseeding is recommended to invigorate new growth and fill in damaged areas.

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