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Why is Lawn Care Important?

The Importance of Lawn Care in Utah County, UT

Aesthetically, there are many benefits to keeping a well-maintained, healthy and lush lawn. A beautiful lawn increases curb appeal and can boost the value of your home by as much as 15%. A healthy lawn also provides a safe place for kids to play, a backyard sanctuary for you to relax, and a stunning landscape for you to admire.

While there are many aesthetic incentives for lawn care, vanity is not the only reason why lawn care is important. Many people might be surprised to learn that having a well-maintained lawn has many benefits for the environment, community and surrounding ecosystem. Here is why:

1. Your lawn purifies the air and improves air quality

Your lawn has the ability to trap dirt, dust and pollutants such as carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into organic matter. This helps to reduce greenhouse gasses that might otherwise contribute to global warming.

2. Your lawn produces oxygen

No only does your lawn reduce carbon dioxide emissions, it also produces a significant amount of oxygen. Turfgrass is one of the largest producers of oxygen in the natural environment. A 50x50 foot lawn produces enough oxygen to sustain a family of 4!

3. Your lawn provides temperature control

Turfgrass plays an important roll in controlling our climate. Grass plants absorb sunlight for photosynthesis and up to 50% of the sun’s heat may be eliminated through the cooling process. Typically grass areas are 10 to 14 °F cooler than area with concrete and asphalt.

4. Your lawn provides run-off control and prevents floods

Urban areas with sealed surfaces such as roads, sidewalks and buildings increase the amount of run- off after rainfall. Most of this stormwater ends up in drainage systems that aren’t able to handle large volumes of water and contribute to the pollution of rivers and streams. Areas with greater grass coverage are greater equipped to absorb and better manage these instances, helping to reduce pollution caused by run-off.

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