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Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn

Giving Your Utah County, UT Turf a "Hole" New Life

It is recommended that homeowners aerate their lawn once every single year whether that be in the spring or the fall. Why? Because aeration is one of the best things you can do for your lawn! First, you may be wondering what even is lawn aeration? Lawn aerating is the process of perforating the soil with small holes, allowing air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Read on to learn how aeration can create a “hole” new life for your turf!

Promotes Healthy Grass

Aerating your lawn allows vital nutrients, water, sunlight and oxygen to sink in and reach the root system of your lawn. This will promote a healthy and deep root system, giving you a lush green lawn that is better equipped to defend against the intrusion of unwanted weeds and grasses.

Relieves Soil Compaction

This is especially key if your lawn experiences a lot of foot traffic. The increased foot traffic during the summer months (from pets, family and friends) can leave your lawn compacted due to the weight and pressure. Pulling out the small cores of soil helps your lawn release the added stress and tension. If you don’t loosen the compacted soil, it won’t allow new growth and your lawn will begin to dry out. If your soil is compacted, your lawn will experience what is known as “runoff,” therefore when it rains, or when you water your lawn, it won’t be able to penetrate through the dense soil layer.

Reduces Thatch

Thatch is a layer of organic dead and living shoots, stems, and roots that builds up between the grass and soil surface. While a little bit of thatch can be healthy, anything over ½ an inch must be removed because it can reduce the amount of sunlight, water and nutrients that can penetrate the soil.

Promotes New Growth

It is recommended for homeowners to aerate their lawn before fertilizing and seeding. This is because is gives the granules and seeds a better opportunity to take hold and penetrate the soil. Aeration also ensures that the roots of your lawn have more room to move and grow.

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