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Your Season As a Weed Man Customer

The Year in Review

First of all, thank you for being an amazing Weed Man Utah County, UT customer! While It’s hard to believe that another season has come and gone, we have really enjoyed servicing your lawn this year. At the end of each season we like to take time to reflect on the past months and understand what worked well, what needs adjusting and what we should integrate into our plan for next year. We never stop learning!

As a homeowner, we urge you to do the same. Take a minute to reflect on how your lawn looked this season. Was it lush and green? Did it suffer from insect infestation? Was it affected by drought damage? Was it plagued with disease? While we are responsible for many aspects of your lawn care, we rely on our customers to carry out proper cultural practices, such as watering and mowing, in order to maintain lawn health and maximize the efficacy of our services.

Did you know that poor mowing and watering practices are the number one cause of a weak lawn? A weak lawn is more susceptible to disease, drought, weed growth and insect infestation. If you are seeing these issues consistently on your lawn, ensure that your lawn is getting what it needs. Read below!


Your lawn requires water to survive. Rain alone is often not enough to maintain a lush, green, healthy lawn, especially during the driest days of summer. Ensure your lawn is getting 1-1.5 inches of water a week, delivered in two to three deep waterings.


Regular cutting is vital for the health of your lawn. Cutting regularly keeps your lawn at a consistent height, allowing for an even distribution of sunlight and water to penetrate the grass plants. It is also imperative that you don’t cut your lawn too short, especially during the hotter months. Keeping the grass a bit longer in the summer helps shade the roots from harsh rays and makes your lawn more resistant to drought.

Integrating these cultural practices into your regular lawn maintenance routine can help improve the health of your turf next season. If you have any other concerns regarding the health of your turf, contact your local Weed Man franchise today!
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