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Safe Control of Broadleaf Weeds

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The Safe Control of Broadleaf Weeds

Although they imitate nature, gardens and lawns are not natural. They have been created by the human hand and require special care and nurturing to prevent them from returning to a wild state. Correct watering and mowing, proper fertilization and aerating will help you achieve a healthy lawn. (Ask your Utah County, UT Weed Man for helpful fact sheets on these topics).

However, once weeds have invaded your lawn, the most effective way to get rid of them is Weed Man Utah County, UT's lawn care service. Weed Man uses only products for use on home lawns.They are most safely applied in the capable hands of a trained professional like Weed Man.

Your health and safety come first Weed Man's equipment is carefully calibrated to apply only the amount of product your lawn needs. However, if there is any excess application, the product decays rapidly in sunlight, or is destroyed by microorganisms in the soil.

What you can do

To increase the effectiveness of the weed control product, keep children and pets off the lawn until the product is dry normally between 1 to 4 hours after an application of Weed Man weed control product. (Your Utah County, UT Weed Man will tell you the exact guidelines for UT ). This time period will give the product a chance to dry thoroughly. After 2-3 weeks, the weeds should begin to curl up and disappear. If after that time, there are still weeds present, phone Weed Man Utah County, UT for a reapplication.